Monica and I hired Greta Russo to be our Wedding Planner and we can both say that we picked the right person for the job!
From our 1st meeting with Greta we felt that she was really easy to talk too and we could express our ideals and the things we wanted to see for our Wedding. Greta kept us inform with appointments, timetables for certain items that needed to be completed to keep us on track before our big day.  We felt that Greta asked lots of questions when meeting with different vendors and always had our best interest at heart to make sure that all the little things were completed. 


From Conference Calls, Hotel Staff, and many other countless items to make sure we walk down the aisle, Greta and her Assistants did a fanatic job and I would recommend Greta and her Assistants to any newly engaged couples looking for a Top Notch Wedding Planner. Greta will get the job done and beyond. Thanks so much Greta for all you did from start to finish.

Thanks so much,

Peter and Monica Dawson, Wedding Clients

Greta is AMAZING!! She is so sweet and very organized.  Over all highly recommended!


Affordable Testing


SUP Creative Group is a great group to work with.  We can't wait to work with you soon.


By K9 Carry All



Greta, this article was wonderful, so well-written and thoughtful.  You are amazing. Truly. Thank you!!!!


By Lauren Hines, CWP

President, Atlanta Wedding & Event Professionals


Ms Russo this is a fantastic article and it conveyed exactly what we do. Thank you for including the Atlanta Police Department in your blog!

By Senior Officer Amy Soeldner

Atlanta Animal Cruelty Liaison, Atlanta Police Department

That was a great story/interview on us! You have a nice way with words. Thanks again for doing this!

By Kevin Ringstaff

Owner, PetCloud.com

You are the event planning Queen!!!

By Rich Laster

The BizPro Group

Your content and events are exceptional! Everyone should know what you do.

By Motivational Growth Inc

Your events are stunning!

By OK Photography

Dear Ms Greta-

I LOVE my couture lemonade dress that you had gotten for Tallulah. It is amazing and the lights are incredible. I know she feels like a star at all the events we attended. Thank you again for understanding what I needed and had one of your designers make something incredible.


Caitlin Carmichael
Actress and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Ambassador

Greta, Adele LOVES her Beautiful Carrier Bag!

She feels stylish and can go from casual day to a night on the town. Well, she’s too young for that but it’s like her first car! I wish my first car was this Hot.

I put her in her Bag and we went to the place from where she was adopted Barks n Bitches in Los Angeles. She had her last set of shots so she can finally hit the streets. Everyone at the store LOVED her bag and so happy she was adopted and now rides in style.

Thank You!


Cheri Oteri
Actress and Comedian on Saturday Night Live

We had so much fun... Hope you do it again!!! Amazing event!

Lettie Perez-Pirtle

Pet Fashion Show Attendee

We LOVED it!! So much fun to support a FABULOUS event!! Hope to do again someday!

Janice Becker

Pet Fashion Show Attendee

It was truly a magnificent event and an honor. So much work and coordination went into this spectacular fund raiser and all who attended were dazzled by the presentations. Yes it was exhausting but who ever said great things come about without effort. All in all a rewarding experience for all involved and an excellent beginning for things that followed. Kudos to you Greta Russo.

Anthony Rubio, Couturier

Anthony Rubio Designs

Was a wonderful event for a great cause. Honored to have been part of it and always happy to support all the amazing things that you do.

Marie Bocker Shelto, Bocker's Mom (Dog Model)

Pet Fashion Show Attendee

It is rare in a business relationship that a friendship will stay in tack. Greta always creates aprofessional atmosphere and maintains the personal relationship my family expects. She spear headed my non-for-profit “Tackling Together” and raised it to the next level!

Thank You for Everything Greta!


Barrett Brooks BS, MBA, HCM
Content Producer for ESPN Matchup at NFL Films

It was my pleasure to work with Greta on her Grand Opening Celebration! In several years in the industry, I have worked with many planners, designers, etc…

Greta is at the top of her game! I was very impressed with her attention to detail, and I loved how she brought her team together to brainstorm and to share ideas.

As a result, it was one of the most well thought out, well produced events that I have attended in a very long time.


Bette Sanders
Sales/Business Development at Select Event Rentals

Greta is as talented as she is kind. An outstanding event planner whose events will truly transports you to the destination of choice. I am a fan and a client of Lotus Event Designs and its CEO, Greta Russo.


Ursula Augustine
Owner/ Professional Makeup Artist at Ursula's About PHace Rittenhouse Makeup Studio

Thank you so much for the kind words, Greta, and for all of your passion for homeless animals and your support. It’s incredibly generous of you.

It is a small world that you know Kristen Renton also. We’ve been in touch with Kristin Renton for the last month and she’s absolutely wonderful. She’d been a Best Friends supporter for a while but we hadn’t connected until just recently. I know she enjoyed the tour, she signed up to volunteer and we’re in the process of scheduling her orientation.

Thank you also for recommending us to Daniel Baldwin. When he’s ready to adopt, please don’t hesitate to have him reach out and we will gladly help him and his family to find just the right new addition to the family.

Thank you again for all of your support and best wishes for continued success with Support Ur Pet.



Amy Wolf
Best Friends Animal Society/NKLA

Hello Greta,

We met at the GBK Pre-Oscar Gifting Lounge. I wanted to let you know that Support Ur Pet has been included in our top ranked Celebrity Gift Suites section in the GBK Pre-Oscar Gifting Lounge article. Your booth had a presence that was eye-catching and jaw-dropping at the same time. Who knew the world of pets was so dynamic? Now I do because of your great marketing and brand presentation! I look forward to seeing more of what Support Ur Pet has to offer.


Lawrence Davis
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Splash Magazines

Thank you so much sweet Greta!!! Sharing Millie LaRue’s cookbook with the celebrities, getting all of the press around it and giving a donation to Best Friends Animal Society and NKLA is the highlight of my day. I will never be able to thank you enough for reaching out to me and offering your help. I haven’t had many people offer help so it was a true blessing Ms Greta! I love you and your kind heart.


Darsey Mitchell
Author of Millie LaRue’s Cookbook

Hi Greta-

Thank you so much for sending over the summary. We enjoyed this opportunity to market our company. I like the comparison of you calling us a 911 for pets! How great would it be for us to get a household name like that? We love that you included our new video in the marketing. We are so proud of it. Thank yo again for doing such a great job representing our brand.


Katie Branflick
Safety Call

This was a great experience Greta!

Thanks for sending the photos. I’m so happy Best Friend’s NKLA loved our Packable Rain Ponchos. Thi is definitely the most rewarding part of the whole journey and I’m so glad you let me know pleased they were with the donation.

Thanks again Greta!


Amy Worobec
Marketing Coordinator RC Pet Products