Our Social Media Initiative

There’s no question that bullying is a serious problem in our society with a long-lasting ripple effect on our communities. #NoMoreBullies is a two-prong initiative, using the impact of one-on-one communication and the power of social media:

In-person Programs:

Schedule a #NoMoreBullies presentation for your school, camp or group. During our #NoMoreBullies sessions, we teach kids the tools they can use to battle bullies in a non-violent and productive way.

Social Media:

With the help of our celebrity, corporate, and non-profit friends, we will harness the power of the hashtag #NoMoreBullies to raise awareness and create a constructive dialogue.


community footprint

We have all become more aware of our carbon footprint. What is your community footprint? How does the work of your organization benefit the world around you?

SUP Creative builds a community footprint component into every client project, providing a list of our non-profit partners from which to choose.