Community KUDOS!

You establish the community footprint. We give you the Community KUDOS! Your event, story, or project will have expanded reach when we share how your efforts are making the world a more caring place.

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KUDOS NY State Says No Pets Left Behind


Leave it to the State of NY to continually ensure proper treatment and care for its state pet residents as they just adopted a new law that states, “When a NY Resident is ...

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KUDOS Paterson (NJ) Fire Department for Giving a Home to Abandoned Pit Bull


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  That’s what the famous adage says about things in life.  But you would never think that this would ever apply to a living ...

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KUDOS Yakima, WA for Lifting 30 Year Ban on Pit Bulls


As of September 23, 2018 the City of Yakima, WA is allowing pit bull ownership.  City Council voted 5-2 to lift this 31 year old ban (which was created in 1987) with some ...

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KUDOS Tech Industry Giants for Protecting Wild Animals


Back in March 2018, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, eBay, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram (among many others) came together to do something about the increasingly illegal wildlife trade on the Black Market ...

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KUDOS Fido Sniffing Out Trouble for Bees and the Pet Parent that Trained Him


For over a decade now, we have heard that the American Honeybee has been dying off at an alarming rate.  At first, scientists were unsure of the exact cause and claimed it to ...

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community footprint

We have all become more aware of our carbon footprint. What is your community footprint? How does the work of your organization benefit the world around you?

SUP Creative builds a community footprint component into every client project, providing a list of our non-profit partners from which to choose.