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You establish the community footprint. We give you the Community KUDOS! Your event, story, or project will have expanded reach when we share how your efforts are making the world a more caring place.


KUDOS PA Police are Protecting K9 Officers from Opiod Overdose


The PA Poilce are another in a long line of police stations making sure they protect their K9 Officers.  Since these dogs are vital in the search and seizure of illegal drugs, it ...

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Credit: Healthy Food House

KUDOS CA Becomes the First State to Ban Animal Fur Products


Have you heard the great news?  California bans the manufacturing, use and sales of animal fur products.  This is a huge win for protecting the rights of animals.  We found this great article ...

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Credit: Washington Examiner

KUDOS Capital Hill, Pelosi Ceremoniously Signs Bill to Make Animal Cruelty a Federal Crime


This is the moment several Americans have been waiting for; to make animal cruelty a crime.  This is one of the greatest gifts our Government could give us so that our Humane Law ...

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Credit: Daily Mail

The Canine Auditory Protection System, or CAPS (pictured above), will protect military dogs' hearing while working in loud surroundings.

KUDOS The US Army Develops Protective Head Gear for Military K9


Hot off the presses, the Daily Mail covers the story on 11/22/19 by Michael Thomsen:

The US Army has developed an advanced new head cover that will protect military dogs' hearing ...

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community footprint

We have all become more aware of our carbon footprint. What is your community footprint? How does the work of your organization benefit the world around you?

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