Community KUDOS!

You establish the community footprint. We give you the Community KUDOS! Your event, story, or project will have expanded reach when we share how your efforts are making the world a more caring place.


KUDOS NY State is the 1st to Ban Cat Declawing


On July 22, 2019 the long time practice of cat declawing has been outlawed in the state of New York.  This barbaric practice of amputating the fingers and toes of a cat is ...

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KUDOS DeKalb County (GA) Police Canine Duo Receives Award of Bravery


On January 18, 2019 DeKalb County Police Officer Norman Larsen and K9 Indy received the Award for Bravery during the K9 Handler Intensive Conference at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center.  This award ...

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Credit: WKBN27

KUDOS Pensylvania New Law Makes It A Felony to Leave Your Dog Out In The Cold


When Libre’s Law finally passed, Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association told it was an incredible victory for animals.  Libre’s Law asserts the protection of animals from neglect and cruelty, and grants felony ...

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KUDOS California Bans Sale of Puppy-Mill Dogs, Cats and Rabbits in Pet Stores


Animal Welfare Advocates could always rely on CA and NY to lead the way in developing policy and laws for animals in the United States.  But it was on New Years Day (2019 ...

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KUDOS Atlanta Bans the Sale of Cats and Dogs in Pet Stores


KUDOS are given to Atlanta as it joins many cities across the nation to ban pet stores from selling cats and dogs.  This big step happened just last week, November 15th , as ...

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community footprint

We have all become more aware of our carbon footprint. What is your community footprint? How does the work of your organization benefit the world around you?

SUP Creative builds a community footprint component into every client project, providing a list of our non-profit partners from which to choose.